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As often found in Buddhist texts, the virtues of sustaining the Buddha Dharma (one of which is by building the Buddha images) are summarized into ten major points:

  1. Any of your misdeeds done in previous lives will fade away, while heavy ones will lighten.
  2. You gain protection by auspicious devas or deities and remain unharmed by diseases, flood, fires, thefts, wars, or imprisonment.
  3. You are released from the cycle of hatred and revenge.
  4. You are safe from the harm of yaksas, evil spirits, poisonous snakes, even famished tigers.
  5. Your body and soul are in bliss; daytime no threats, night time no nightmares. Your skin complexion is radiant, stamina is at its peak, and every act you commit is auspicious.
  6. Your engagement in the Buddha Dharma naturally fulfills all your living necessities: food, clothes, harmonious family, fortune, and long life.
  7. Your words or actions spark amiability in humans and gods. No matter where you go, you are welcome, loved, and respected by others.
  8. You constantly grow into a wise, healthy, and happy person. For a female, you will turn into a male when time has come.
  9. You are exempted from being born in the lower realms (animals, hungry ghosts, hell beings) and instead you only stay in the higher realms (gods, humans). Not only are you outwardly good-looking, but you also innately possess wisdom and great fortune.
  10. You have the capacity to help any sentient beings to build virtues. Wherever you are born, you will be close to Buddhas and Dharma perpetually until you attain the Enlightenment.

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