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Making Your Contribution

Contribution Receipt

All contributions processed or submitted through this website will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt within 5-7 working days. Be sure to spell your email address correctly while submitting your contribution details to us. However, contribution below USD1000 might not be issued an e-receipt as incurred bank charges could easily outweigh amount received. For any amount lower than USD1000, kindly place into contribution boxes at our office in Bhutan.

Your Name Display

While your contribution of any amount will make great difference to project progress, due to limited space, only a minimum contribution of one unit 8-inch-tall Buddha (among other contribution options) can be acknowledged with a display of copperplate name engraving in meditation halls. In order to standardize all works, a maximum of thirty-six characters can be placed congruently on each copperplate engraving. You can place as many names as long as not exceeding 36 characters. For characters exceeding this limit, consider using broader terms, e.g. FULL NAME & FAMILY.

Only copperplate engravings will be displayed on website.

Once contribution receipts are issued to you, names displayed in the meditation halls are final. Please email us in advance if you need time to decide names on your copperplate engravings.

Refund Policy

All contributions are final and refunds, if any, are subject to the discretion of our management.

Your Privacy

The Privacy Policy is part of these Terms and is incorporated herein.

Using This Site


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Site Feedback

Feel free to share with us your experience in using our site. Should you encounter any difficulties accessing our site, please notify our technical team with the description of the problem, and if possible name and version of your browser you are using as well as your operating system, at net@buddhadordenma.org.

Reach Us

Please email your questions, comments, or concerns you may have that are not covered in these terms to contact@buddhadordenma.org or by other means.

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