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Structural Designs

To benefit sentient beings, the Buddha Dordenma strictly complies with the following structural designs:

  • As many as 100,000 units of 8-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma will fill up the gigantic 42-meter-tall Buddha's body and lotus; whereas as many as 25,000 units of 12-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma will reside along the walls of meditation halls inside His 20-meter-tall throne.

Hover over either of the zoomed squares in the picture above to view the interior of the Buddha Dordenma.

  • The 20-meter-tall throne will serve as three-story meditation halls; each housing certain Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in auspicious directions, effortlessly invoking visitors' inherent Buddha nature as if they entered Buddha pure realms.
  • Statues of all sizes and locations, including their thrones, are made of metal, bronze, steel, and gilded respectively.
  • To avoid the preoccupation by ruling spirits, all statues are filled with five kinds of relics, mantras, and precious substances.
  • As each unit of the statues embodies the noble intentions of the Buddha Dordenma, all units adopt meticulous elaborate designs, which are produced through the purest synchronization of mind, speech, and body of the Buddha makers.
a picture taken in late June 2009 depicting the three-story meditation halls inside the 138.6-foot-tall Buddha Dordenma (inclusive of the lotus) seated on a 62-foot-tall throne.

Hover over the picture above for the location of the meditation halls inside the Buddha's throne.


  • 9-foot-tall Shakyamuni Buddha with throne, Assistant Sariputra, Assistant Mangalyana
  • Eighteen 5-foot-tall sitting Arahats and four direction Kings
  • Along the walls are 12-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma statues.
  • On the ceilings are 34 major Mandalas and 33 minor Mandalas.
  • There are 72 minor golden dragon pillars.


  • 16-foot-tall four-faced sitting Vairochana Buddha in the center surrounded by...
  • Eight 16-foot-tall standing Bodhisattvas, namely:
    • Avalokiteshvara
    • Mansjushri
    • Vajrapani
    • Maitreya
    • Ksitigarbha
    • Akashagarbha
    • Sarvanivaranavishkambim
    • Samantabhadra
  • Along the walls are 12-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma statues.
  • On the ceilings are 28 major Mandalas.
  • There are 8 major golden dragon pillars and 22 minor golden dragon pillars.


  • Eight 5-foot-tall sitting Medicine Buddhas surrounding the center pillar, namely:
    • Tshenleng Medicine
    • Serzang
    • Drimed Nangwatai
    • Nyangenmed
    • Choedrag Gyatso
    • Ngoenkhen Gyalpo
    • Drayang Gyalpo
    • Shakyamuni Buddha
  • Along the walls are 12-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma statues.
  • On the ceilings are 34 major Mandalas.
  • There are 22 minor golden dragon pillars.


In the lotus, just under the area between the Buddha's right to left knees are 5 chambers, which are surrounded fully by 8-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma statues. The small Buddhas fill the interior of the gigantic Buddha up to the top. On the ceilings are five major mandalas.

  • First chamber: Display of sutra & 8-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma miniature.
  • Second & Fourth chambers: Twelve units of Shakyamuni Buddha depicting twelve enlightening deeds of a Buddha
    • Descending from Tushita to human realm
    • Entering mother's womb
    • Taking birth
    • Training in the arts, crafts, & sciences
    • Marrying Princess Yashodhara & enjoying happiness in the royal atmosphere
    • Renouncing royal family life to become an ascetic
    • Undergoing difficult ascetic practices
    • Vowing to remain seated under a Bodhi tree to attain Enlightenment
    • Subduing demonic forces
    • Attaining the Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree
    • Turning the wheels of Dharma
    • Entering parinirvana
  • Third chamber:
    • Seven excellently auspicious 5-foot-tall sitting reunion Buddhas:
      • Buddha Namparzig (Vipasyin/Vipassin)
      • Buddha Tsugtorchen (Sikhin)
      • Thamched Kyob (Visvabhu/Vessabhu)
      • Buddha Khorwadesel (Krakucchanda)
      • Buddha Serbub (Kanakamuni/Konagamana)
      • Buddha Oedsung (Kasyapa/Kassapa)
      • Buddha Shakyamuni
    • Wrathful Buddha Families:
      • Guru Padmasambhava
      • War Subdue Deity
      • Cakrasambhava
      • Vajrayogini
      • Guru Dakmar
      • Vajrakileya
      • Pelchen Heruka
      • Guru Dakpo
  • Fifth chamber: Media room with 3D projector.


Surrounded by paintings of 12 main life events of Buddha Shakyamuni are the following peaceful Buddha families:

  • Samanthabadra
  • Vairochana & Ingchuma
  • Vajrasattva & Nyema Karmo
  • Ratnasambhava & Mamaki
  • Amitabha & Gyekarmo
  • Amogasiddhi & Tara
  • Red Lokeshvara Family Galwa Jamtsho
  • Vajradhara & Ingchuma

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