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Buddha Dordenma Bhutan

Owing to contributors, the gigantic Buddha Dordenma will be a focal point for worldwide infinite generations to have their true nature awakened; any generated virtues will accrue to you naturally.

The gigantic Buddha Dordenma will remain a focal point for people around the world of infinite generations ahead to converge, make offerings to Buddha, practice, and have their inherent Buddha nature awakened. As you facilitate their enriching spiritual experience at the Buddha Dordenma through your contribution to this project, any merits or virtues that they cultivate will likewise accrue to you naturally. Even though it is impossible to count the innumerable virtues generated from your contribution, as our acknowledgment, you will receive the following privileges.

A record in worldwide history

Your name or organization will be enlisted in the history book of Bhutan specifically in the section of Buddha Dordenma. Your kind patronage not only makes the Buddha Dharma more accessible to the future generations but also empowers them to more readily contribute to enhancing the welfare of others.

His Holiness 70th Jekhenpo Bhutan

His Holiness 70th Jekhenpo of Bhutan leading grand prayers and recitations.

A permanent name display

As a contributor, your name(s) are carved and displayed on a copperplate in the meditation hall (in the Buddha's throne), constantly being surrounded by positive energies of all Buddhas.

A perpetual prayer dedication

Grand prayers to Buddhas held biannually in Bhutan.

Held in the gathering plaza and meditation halls, prayers are held in our bi-annual recitations attended by over 100,000 people including monks, nuns, yogis, yoginis, laypeople from 3,000 temples of Bhutan. Grand virtuous acts are performed throughout these 7-day-long recitations whereby an aggregate of at least 2.5 billion times of OM MANI PADME HUM are chanted daily. The merits and virtues from the prayers and virtuous acts are dedicated to our contributors and all sentient beings for their happy lives and liberation from samsara.

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