Choedongchenpo Tashigomang / Dharmakaya Stupa Project — Running

Construction of Bodhgaya stupa replica in Gelegphu, South Bhutan

Sutra Reprinting Project — Running

  • A complete set of printing machines were shipped to Bhutan in November 2003.
  • The Monastic Printing Press was inaugurated in April 2004 by His Holiness.
  • Sponsors for laser printing, papers and inks/toners are still being actively sought to fulfill its virtuous goals.

Arts, Culture & Tradition — Running

Beginning 2006, free classes on arts and crafts have been set up; as many as seven voluntary artisans (teachers) are in charge of the approximately 30 students. Every day two hours of theoretical knowledge is given before another two for practicing skills. To reach a professional level, nine years of training is required.

Generally the module is set to three years to progress from the basic to the advanced level—drawing, painting, molding, sculpting, finishing. This activity can help preserve Bhutanese culture and improve the people's well-being by cultivating potential artisans.

Higher Education Project — Major Priority, Incrementally Started

The plan is to set up (Buddhist and secular) universities of international standards in Bhutan for several reasons. Firstly, because of limited resources, college quotas have to be inevitably imposed. Consequently, only hundreds out of thousands of students are admitted annually. Secondly, the mountainous terrains make the length of travel time overwhelming. From the east to the west, it will take about two days' drive; from the south to the central, it will take about one and a half days' drive; and from the north to the central, it takes around five days' walk. Therefore, the dispersed locations of universities will increase students' convenience to reach them.

H.E. Rimpoche has specific plans in developing a national Buddhist university. Monks and nuns are expected to finish their study from Bachelor's until Doctoral degree within at least nine years. A three-year-three-month-three-day long retreat is held optionally based on students' choice. Currently, two Buddhist-universities-to-be monasteries are running in Thimphu: Dechen Phodrang Dzong and Sangzab Choe Dzong; each will be housing 2,500 rooms for student residence.

Health and Kidney Foundation — Upcoming Priority

This will be the first health foundation that addresses the pervasively endemic kidney problems in Bhutan.

National Buddhist Library of Bhutan — Upcoming Priority

The library will serve to house indigenous Buddhist scriptures of the Himalayan region, Bhutan.

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