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Table of Contents (Mani Kabum Volume II)

Ch. 1 Cycle of requesting and receiving eight oral instructions

Ch. 2 Cycle of eight oral instructions and transmissions

Ch. 3 Twelve-cycle command instructions

Ch. 4 Praise and auspicious aspiration to the six syllables

Ch. 5 Oral instructions on bringing to the path

Ch. 6 Oral instructions on piling up the essence

Ch. 7 Teaching the stages of the path to those of lesser powers

Ch. 8 Oral instructions for those of intermediate powers

Ch. 9 Oral instructions for those of the highest faculties

Ch. 10 Reversing samsara

Ch. 11 Oral instructions on view, meditation, action, samaya and fruition

Ch. 12 Self-arising wisdom

Ch. 13 Oral instructions on precious difficult practice

Ch. 14 The three cycles of the meaning of Great Compassion

Ch. 15 Guiding ignorant people to the dharma

Ch. 16 Oral instructions guiding dharma practitioners who do not possess dharma into dharma

Ch. 17 Oral instructions on the paths of secret mantra and samaya

Ch. 18 Oral instructions on yoga

Ch. 19 Oral instructions on virtues for those who had entered the gates of dharma, but do not have dharma

Ch. 20 Oral instructions for ordinary people

Ch. 21 Practice and entering into practice

Ch. 22 Oral instructions in six sets of six

Ch. 23 Explanation of the twenty-four that have faults and without faults

Ch. 24 Oral instructions on the twenty-four certainties

Ch. 25 Oral instructions on the twenty-four mindfulness

Ch. 26 Practising the ten perfections and establishign teh fruition of the three kayas

Ch. 27 Oral instructions on the six ultimates of learning

Ch. 28 Six doctrines of Great Compassion

Ch. 29 Six aspects of the means of explanation

Ch. 30 Oral instructions for people of later times

Ch. 31 View, meditation and action of Great Compassion

Ch. 32 The most secret, especially exalted three dharmas, compassion, emptiness, and their union

Ch. 33 Oral instructions on the six bardos

Ch. 34 Thirty-six ordinary oral instructions

Ch. 35 Oral instructions on the three extraordinary transmissions, outer, inner and secret

Ch. 36 Lama practice

Ch. 37 Samaya of Great Compassion

Ch. 38 Three refuges and three vows of Great Compassion

Ch. 39 Empowerment

Ch. 40 Outer and inner precepts of the vow

Ch. 41 Dedication

Ch. 42 One day precept

Ch. 43 Arousing bodhicitta

Ch. 44 Great structure practice, mandala

Ch. 45 Entering the mandala of Great Compassion

Ch. 46 Six transmissions of empowerment

Ch. 47 Precious word empowerment

Ch. 48 Instructions to his inner and outer retinue

Ch. 49 Three means of viewing

Ch. 50 Joining practice in the three points

Ch. 51 Six perfections

Ch. 52 Four immeasurable goodness

Ch. 53 Six immeasurable goodness

Ch. 54 Eight examples of illusion

Ch. 55 Practice instructions

Ch. 56 Path of blessing

Ch. 57 Receiving the yidam on the path

Ch. 58 High connection instructions

Ch. 59 Instructions on the path of skillful means

Ch. 60 Training with characteristics, wihtout characteristics and union

Ch. 61 I and ego

Ch. 62 Mental continuum of the perfections

Ch. 63 Oral instruction of the mind stream of mahamudra

Ch. 64 Instructions on the great perfection of the continuum of mind

Ch. 65 Instructions on the mental continuum of the Great Madhyamika

Ch. 66 Instructions of Great Compassion Himself

Ch. 67 Mind continuum of Great Compassion, not contradicting the dharma

Ch. 68 Outer, inner, and secret transmissions of meditation

Ch. 69 Transmission of the three unions

Ch. 70 Bringing to path without the bardo for those of the highest powers

Ch. 71 Becoming enlightened in the bardo for those of intermediate powers

Ch. 72 Rejoicing at the time of death for those of lesser powers

Ch. 73 Becoming enlightened by hearing the name of Great Compassion

Ch. 74 Transmissions of body, speech and mind

Ch. 75 Taming obstacles by means of Great Compassion

Ch. 76 Instructions on pacifying male and female external harmful spirits

Ch. 77 Instructions on obstacles of the body, combined diseases of wind, bile and phlegm

Ch. 78 Pacifying the five poisons

Ch. 79 Pith instructions on the six kinds of beings being self-arising and self-liberated

Ch. 80 Instructions to his retinue

Ch. 81 Developing and completion stages of the thousand Buddhas of Great Compassion, with the benefits of seeing the yidam

Ch. 82 Benefits of bathing water

Ch. 83 Aspiration on hiding the secret papers of complete description

Ch. 84 The king and queens dissolving into the heart

Ch. 85 Final words of instruction, in general

Ch. 86 Oral instructions to the subjects of Snowland in general